Look Up – Way Up!

The Friendly Giant

The Biography of Robert Homme

by Grant D. Fairley


Chapter Titles

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  • Look Back – Way Back
  • Cocoa & Cinnamon Toast
  • Once Upon A Time…
  • Early One Morning – Many Mornings
  • Grown-up Kids – Sort of…
  • Past and Present Together
  • Giant Thinking
  • The Giant Comes to Life
  • The Castle Family
  • Rusty & Jerome Come To Life
  • Jerome & Big Ten Football
  • A Friendly Philosophy
  • Wisconsin Roots
  • Story & Song
  • A Giant War
  • There Is No Place Like Home…
  • Go North Young Man
  • Life at The CBC
  • Castle Life
  • Chairs And Chains
  • Tales and Tunes
  • A Chemistry Lesson
  • Two Voices Learn To Dance
  • Giant Friends & Foes
  • Friendly Moments
  • Forever The Friendly Giant
  • Good Night Friendly
  • Friendly On Friendly c.1984
  • A Friendly Speech – Typical of His Talks With Seniors c.1994
  • The Golden Age of Children’s Television In Canada
  • The Golden Age of Children’s Television In The United States
  • Friendly & The Canadian Myth

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Paperback and e-Book

150 pages

ISBN 978-1897202302

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Stroll back to your childhood with this book on the life and career of one of television’s most memorable and endearing characters – The Friendly Giant. 

Bob-Esther-Homme2This show was part of the lives of generations of children, parents and grandparents who would wait to see the boot, watch the castle draw bridge lower and choose a chair by the fireplace weekday mornings on the NET (now PBS) Network in the U.S. and later CBC television in Canada. 

Memories of Friendly, Rusty, Jerome and the others will return as you read about this remarkable man and those who were a part of this great story.  Share with your children part of your story by giving them this book.  Reawaken the child in you or your friends by sharing these memories together.

Bob-Homme_Grant-Fairley2Grant D. Fairley was one of those children who grew up watching Friendly in Windsor, Ontario.  Years later, he made the trip to Grafton, Ontario to meet Bob Homme and begin work on this authorized biography.  Their many interviews during his retirement and the opportunity to meet others in Bob’s story are here now for you to share. 

Now you too can once again Look Up – Way Up and visit Friendly and the others.

Memories of The Friendly Giant?

Do you have a memory of watching the Friendly Giant as a child or Bob_Homme_The_Friendly_Giant_Cari_Fairley2with your children or grandchildren? 

Send us an email with your thoughts about Friendly! Be sure to include include your name, email address and where you lived when you watched The Friendly Giant.

Email us at info@silverwoods-publishing.com

Click The mp3 Audio Links BelowBob-Esther-Homme-Molly2

Audio included on this page comes from interviews recorded by Grant of Bob Homme following his retirement and in preparation of this book.

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Grant D. Fairley

Seminar Speaker & Executive Coach

Grant D. Fairley is an executive coach, seminar speaker, author and inventor.  His wide-ranging experiences as an executive in the financial industry, technology, healthcare and as a corporate consultant allows him to bring a broad perspective to his presentations, coaching and writing.

One of his gifts is that of a story teller who can both motivate and engage others with a new way of seeing their business and life. He is the author of a number of books, a presenter on BlogTalk Radio and an inventor of a patented healthcare technology. He continues to be actively involved in charitable organizations as well.

Grant is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.  He and his wife Cari live in Ontario, Canada.

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