Enchanted Living

Insights for Your Life From Fairy Tales and Fables

by Grant D. Fairley

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While many people hope their story will end up like a fairy tale where they live “happily ever after”, most people will find challenges and celebrations in their relationships with others in their marriage, family, friendships and work relationships. You may try and surround yourself with the best people for you but they may not always turn out to be who you think they are. Whatever you do it is always beneficial to look at things in your life from a different angle to gain a greater understanding of them. Individual, business, organizational and spiritual applications are also included in this book.

Grant D. Fairley takes a number of the classic fairy tales that we all know so well and shares insights into how these apply to our lives. 

  • Find out how Goldilocks and the Three Bears teach us about boundaries in our relationships. 

  • What can you learn about being faithful in your relationship from the story of Humpty Dumpty? 

  • What does The Gingerbread Man teach us about our best choices? 

  • How does Cinderella teach us about blended families? 

  • What can we learn about family finances from Jack and the Beanstalk? 

  • Does Beauty and the Beast really help us understand our self-image? 

  • How does the Three Little Pigs help us understand sibling rivalry? 

  • Explore how Little Red Riding Hood helps us understand the importance of grandparents.

  • Learn how the grasshopper could have survived in his tale with the ants.

  • And many more…

You’ll find some new twists on some old tales in this book that will get you to laugh and reflect on the relationships in your life.  It will be a useful tool to help you improve those relationships to get a little closer to the “happily ever after” that everyone wishes will be their fairy tale ending.

Coming Summer 2022

Life has postponed many things… as you know.

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Grant D. Fairley

Seminar Speaker & Executive Coach

Grant D. Fairley is an executive coach, seminar speaker, author and inventor.  His wide-ranging experiences as an executive in the financial industry, technology, healthcare and as a corporate consultant allows him to bring a broad perspective to his presentations, coaching and writing.

One of his gifts is that of a story teller who can both motivate and engage others with a new way of seeing their business and life. He is the author of a number of books, a presenter on BlogTalk Radio and an inventor of a patented healthcare technology. He continues to be actively involved in charitable organizations as well.

Grant is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.  He and his wife Cari live in Ontario, Canada.

His seminars, workshops and retreats are offered through www.strategic-seminars.com and his executive coaching is available worldwide through www.canadian-executive-coaching.com

Contact Grant through fairley@silverwoods-publishing.com or LinkedIn. You can follow him on Twitter @grantfairley