Own Your Future

Wisdom for Wealth and a Better Tomorrow

by Grant D. Fairley and Michael H. Lanthier

Own Your Future Front Cover 1-7-13

Own Your Future – Wisdom for Wealth and a Better Tomorrow  A new book now available on Amazon and Kindle by Grant D. Fairley and Michael H. Lanthier that helps you navigate through the defaults, drift and despair of the present economic crisis.  Learn about keeping wealth in an age of bubbles, bailouts, battles, booms and busts. It will also position you to have a long-term strategy to give you and your children the brighter future you thought would be yours to give.

Chapter Titles

  • Madness
  • The Wise
  • The Wealthy
  • A Valuable Life
  • S-S-S Not S-O-S
  • Pass It On
  • The Best of Times and the Worst of Times
  • People, Places and Things
  • Cold Feet vs. Happy Feet
  • Being Broke vs. Being Poor
  • Professionally Speaking
  • Small Words
  • Will Power
  • Accounting for Taste
  • Climate vs. Weather
  • It’s A Small World After All
  • Coping With a Crisis
  • Oil Changes
  • Tick-Tock
  • The Sage
  • Learning to be Wealthy
  • In Good Company
  • The Entrepreneur – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • A Creative Touch
  • Growing Up
  • Having Fun
  • Salud!
  • How Long Do You Have?
  • Stable vs. Safe
  • Take It to the Bank
  • Rainy Days
  • Insure to Be Sure
  • Can I Borrow That?
  • Playing Cards
  • The Keys
  • Your Castle
  • Protecting Your Castle
  • Buying a Castle
  • Improving Your Castle
  • Selling Your Castle
  • Castles by the Sea
  • Castles for Rent
  • Taking Stock
  • Bonding
  • The Feeling Is Mutual
  • Courage
  • Burst!
  • When They Come Knocking
  • Humble Pie
  • It’s Only Money
  • A Platinum Retirement
  • Continuing Education
  • Multiply

Paperback and e-Book

172 pages

ISBN 978-1481917940

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Grant D Fairley 2015 grey

Grant D. Fairley

Seminar Speaker & Executive Coach

Grant D. Fairley is an executive coach, seminar speaker, author and inventor.  His wide-ranging experiences as an executive in the financial industry, technology, healthcare and as a corporate consultant allows him to bring a broad perspective to his presentations, coaching and writing.

One of his gifts is that of a story teller who can both motivate and engage others with a new way of seeing their business and life. He is the author of a number of books, a presenter on BlogTalk Radio and an inventor of a patented healthcare technology. He continues to be actively involved in charitable organizations as well.

Grant is a graduate of Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.  He and his wife Cari live in Ontario, Canada.

His seminars, workshops and retreats are offered through www.strategic-seminars.com and his executive coaching is available worldwide through www.canadian-executive-coaching.com

Contact Grant through fairley@silverwoods-publishing.com or LinkedIn. You can follow him on Twitter @grantfairley


Michael H. Lanthier

Entrepreneur & Financial Mentor

Michael H. Lanthier is passionate about investing in business and financial opportunities. Most important to him is the opportunity to invest in people and their success.

From his first paycheck, he had the inspiration and guidance of his father to ensure that he would understand the world of finance and grow his money in the future. Michael is a graduate of Seneca College in Toronto with majors in Marketing and Information Technology. Like his father, Michael is an entrepreneur and master salesperson, serving and selling to some of the world’s largest corporations. He is a key investor and adviser to a number of start-up and innovative projects around the world.

Mike also spends a great deal of his time mentoring people in business and the community. He is an important influence on a number of young entrepreneurs. He is known as someone who is consistently there for people of all walks of life to support and encourage them.

Michael and his wife Michelle live in Ontario, Canada.

You can contact Michael at lanthier@silverwoods-publishing.com