Discover Your Oasis

Discover Your Oasis: Escape Compassion Fatigue

Do you work in the helping professions, education, emergency services, healthcare, ministry, social services, or government? Do you care for an aging loved one or a special needs child? If your career or life includes caring for the needs of others, you are at risk of developing compassion fatigue and even burnout. The stress of constantly giving and serving can parch your energy and vitality. Are you so busy taking care of others that you forget to take care of yourself?

Discover Your Oasis will guide you with both big ideas and practical steps to refresh yourself professionally and personally. Become a sustainable caregiver who can go the distance. Learn how to reduce your stress and increase your satisfaction.

Psychiatrist Dr. William S. Cook, Jr. and executive coach Grant D. Fairley take you through short, readable chapters on how to escape compassion fatigue, avoid burnout, and find your inner oasis.

Additional contributions are included by sleep specialist Dr. Brenda Hines, interventional endocrinologist Dr. Larry Komer, pain and rehabilitative physician Dr. Blair Lamb, and licensed professional counselor Chris Redden.


Compassion – Caregivers – Service – Helping Professions – Self-Care – Team Work – Stress Management – Compassion Fatigue – Burnout – Elder Care – Police – Satisfaction – Firefighters – Emergency Workers – Social Work – Ministry -Judiciary – Government Service – Leadership – Healthy Sleep – Forgiveness – Listening – Healthy Hormones – Friendships – PTSD – Spirituality – Mentoring – Hope – Special Needs Children – Recovery – Mindfulness – Renewal – Emotional Health Careers

Chapter Titles:

Discover Your Oasis – The Passion in Compassion – Hummingbirds and Camels – Discover Your Sleep Oasis – Called to Care – Mindfulness: Your Mental Oasis – “Three Short – Three Long – Three Short” – Surviving Your 20 Percent – All’s Well: Your Emotional Oasis – Drawing the Lines – Old Friends: Your Social Oasis – Refilling Your Reservoir – Living in the Redline – Finding Satisfaction – Healthy Hormones – Don’t Go Swimming Alone – Stepping Back from the Edge – Bouncing Back – Seasoned Travelers – The Power to Care – Caring for Special Children – Lend Me Your Ear – Bless Your Heart – PTSD – Survival Circle – What’s Burning? – The Inside World – Breathe: Your Spiritual Oasis – Recreating Yourself – Into the Darkness – Inspiration – One Life at a Time – Colleagues in Crisis – When Enough Is Enough – Make Your Prison Break – Leading Caregivers – Choosing Your Battles – Coping with the Age of Confusion – Your Oasis of Hope – With A Final Two Words

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